Edyr Augusto Proença

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Novel of the year 2015 finalist for the Paulista Association of Art Critics (APCA) Award
“One of the best books of the year” – Folha de S.Paulo, largest daily in Brazil  
“One of the best books of its kind ever launched in Brazil.” – Estado de São Paulo, daily  
“A narrative that did not even bother to start and then accelerate. The speedometer is in the red at the instant in which the opening sentence tells us: It was supposed to be a typical day...” – Daniel Galera    
A teenage girl is kidnapped in the center of Belém (North of Brazil, in the Amazon region) and sold into white slavery for concert halls and prostitution in Cayenne, capital of French Guiana. An Angolan immigrant ends up at Curralinho in Marajóriver region and opens a small grocery store, which is attacked by water rats (thieves who steal goods from the ships, the Amazon pirates) and then goes into a frantic search to revenge his wife’s murder. Among the burglars is a boy who soon will take over the group's leadership. These three characters will cross their paths in a dizzying journey of sex, theft, mining, drugs and murder.