Introductory Course to Marx and Engels

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José Paulo Netto (org.)

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In eight thematic lectures, this short and easy to read introduction guide to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ thinking goes through the main Marxian works , from the Communist Manifesto to The Capital. By presenting the foundations of Marxism, it clarifies the origin of key concepts such as "commodity fetishism" , "class struggle", "proletariat", "alienation", "ideology," "critique of Political Economy", "historical materialism" and "dictatorship of the proletariat", among others.  
This guide presents lectures by some of the greatest Marxist scholars in Brazil, providing a brief didactic overview of how to read, discuss and reflect on the work and legacy of Marx and Engels today – a theoretical framework that reaffirms, in the current scenario of global crisis, as absolutely essential to understand and transform our modernity. The book was based on the traditional Introductory Course Marx and Engels, organized by Boitempo since 2008 in a series of cities in Brazil, elaborated on the classes of its 4th edition, held in 2013 to an audience of about 5,000 people.
Critique of the State and the Law: political form and legal form, Alysson Leandro Mascaro
Critique of idealism: politics and ideology, Antonio Rago
The relevance of the Communist Manifesto, José Paulo Netto
Concrete Analysis of class struggle, Osvaldo Coggiolla
The constitution of the proletariat and its revolutionary praxis, Ricardo Antunes
The ontological critique of capitalism, Mario Duayer
Critique of political economy, Jorge Grespan
Democracy, work and socialism, Ruy Braga