Luiz Carlos Prestes

a Brazilian communist

Anita Leocadia Prestes

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"This is not just a book about Prestes or the Communist Party. It is a book about Brazil."Fernando Morais
The most complete political radiography of Luiz Carlos Prestes
Participating in the Lieutenants' Movement (1920’s) and the Anti-Fascist uprising against President Getulio Vargas inscribed the name of singular revolutionary Luiz Carlos Prestes in the socio-political history of Brazil.
Written with a Marxist methodology, the work differs from other biographies of Prestes already published by the diversity of original documents to which the author had access for over thirty years of research. In addition to her personal collection, as daughter of Prestes with German Communist Olga Benario, Anita Leocádia Prestes conducted an extensive research in national and foreign archives. The biography brings photos and personal correspondence manuscripts, some hitherto unknown to the public, illustrating different moments of Prestes trajectory.